from by MERIDIAN



It's pitch black but the headlights are blinding.
I'm spinning out of control.
But writing won't always give me the strength I need.
I'll write my pains away until my fingers bleed.
You found me searching for myself while I was looking for that person.
I lost track of the important.
Things that make me who I am,
Oh I was lost in your connection.
Always reaching for perfection.
When society brings you to your knees,
Throw the negativity
Right in their face.
Rise above the hate.
Make something of yourself,
Destroy all in your way.
All I know is sadness.
All I feel is emptiness.
My heart is running dry,
As time flies by.
All I know is sadness.
All I feel is emptiness.
I'm so hopeless.
There's so much regret inside these hollow bones.
I hope you can see, how much all this means to me, and I hope that you feel, the way that I feel


from Reformation, released July 6, 2013



all rights reserved


MERIDIAN Poughkeepsie, New York

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